Instructions for working with us

Payment for carriage is made in currencies AED or USD to company account in UAE. Or in rubles to the company’s account in Russia, the rate is based on agreement with the service provider.

Payment must be made upon receipt of the air waybill. In case of absence of payment the company reserves the right not to deliver the cargo until the debt is paid. Please note that penalties will be charged for long delay of the cargo at the terminal.

The company is not responsible for the safety of the goods delivered, in the absence of appropriate packaging, namely: thick cardboard wrapped with stretch wrap against getting wet (applies to non-fragile items), as well as fragile and easily breakable items (without appropriate special packaging). Also, the company is not responsible for the safety of delivered cargo if the client is not informed beforehand that his/her cargo is fragile, not stackable etc.

In case of loss (damage) of uninsured cargo only the cost is paid according to the inventory, but not more than $20 per kilogram of cargo (according to airline rules). ONLY claims connected with mechanical damage of cargo during transportation or total loss of transportation place are accepted.

In case of loss (damage) of the insured cargo, the declared value is reimbursed in full.

The cost of full insurance is 4% of the declared value of the cargo

Claims for the carriage of the cargo are accepted in the appropriate forms within the next working day from the date of receipt of the goods.

To transport dangerous goods, the client must advise his manager of such goods in advance and agree on the possibility of transportation and the rate for such goods.

Dangerous goods are articles or substances which are capable of endangering health, safety, property or the environment and which are listed as dangerous goods in the Technical Instructions or are classified in accordance with these Instructions.

A brief description of the various classes of dangerous goods can be found

If a dangerous cargo is found not to be declared, the carrier has the right to invoice a $10,000 no-objection fine. This mistake may affect the total shipment, which contains other customers’ shipments, and may be removed from the flight, arrested by airport security, and subject to administrative penalties. All additional costs for this violation are fully borne by the guilty party.

  Инструкция по заполнению описания товара на перевозку 

Contact the manager

In order to send a cargo with our company you need to contact our manager and give him the information about your shipment:

If your cargo is dangerous, please inform us about it*.

*For misinformation of the company and non-compliance of the contents of the handed over cargo, as well as presence of undeclared dangerous cargo, the client pays a penalty of $ 10000.

Prepare papers

Our manager will help you to prepare all the necessary papers for shipping.

Enter your contact details, and our managers will contact you within 15 minutes to advise you.

Enter your contact details and information about the lease, route, and our managers will call you back within 15 minutes.