For Partners

In order to expand our presence in Russia and the CIS countries we invite to cooperation our Partner Agents who are experienced in international freight forwarding services and customs clearance.

We look forward to long-term mutually beneficial relations in searching potential clients for DeltaAvia in the sphere of air transportation of commercial cargoes and customs clearance.

What are the advantages of working with us? Agent’s fee under the contract is a fixed amount or% specified by the Parties on the marginal revenue from each fully paid for the international air transportation, which is carried out by DeltaAvia through the Agent.

Our company is an international transport and logistics operator, which performs airfreight on the route Dubai-Moscow and back, as well as other destinations. We use time-tested freighters such as Boeing 757-200f, 767-200f, IL-76. Our company is headquartered in Moscow.

Requirements for Partners and terms of cooperation:

You are not required to make any financial investments – only Clients.

After the Client pays for the air freight, we transfer the agency fee to you.

Contacts to discuss cooperation:

Phone Russia 2: +7(499)677 16 23

WhatsApp Dubai: +971 50 719 6028


What benefits do you get from working with DeltaAvia?

For cooperation, enter your contact details and we will call you back within 10 minutes to discuss the details

Enter your contact details, and our managers will contact you within 15 minutes to advise you.

Enter your contact details and information about the lease, route, and our managers will call you back within 15 minutes.