FEA Outsourcing

DeltaAvia offers professional outsourcing services for FEA. Great experience, professional team and comprehensive problem solving allows our clients to get high quality services at excellent prices.

What is FEA outsourcing

Outsourcing of foreign economic activity is the transfer of part of the rights and powers to a third-party company, which, as a customer, organizes all processes related to the export and import of necessary goods and products. It concludes necessary contracts with suppliers, signs documents, carries out procurement and registration of certificates, various permits, fills in declarations for customs clearance, and delivers the cargo to the required location.

Why you should contact DeltaAvia for FEA outsourcing

DeltaAvia has vast experience in finding the right suppliers, purchasing goods, support goods in transit to their destination. We solve the complex of tasks that our clients face.

Advantages of contacting us for FEA outsourcing:

  1. Our team consists of professional experts – you don’t have to search for a long time and hire a specialist in FEA.

  2. You will be able to focus on internal tasks of your company, you will not have to waste your time on studying other markets or finding foreign partners.

  3. Competent paperwork – it is important not only to find suppliers and send the cargo, but also to correctly prepare all the necessary documents. DeltaAvia takes care of all the necessary paperwork.

  4. Finding trustworthy partners – DeltaAvia seeks only trustworthy partners, who guarantee to fulfill all obligations.

  5. Detailed control of cargo transportation – DeltaAvia provides careful oversight in the transportation of goods. This ensures that the goods you need to get to you safe and sound.

All this allows our customers to conclude profitable contracts with reliable partners, and receive the necessary goods on time and at excellent prices.

DeltaAvia - your reliable partner for FEA outsourcing!

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